5 Tips for Hosting a Marathon Race

Marathons are popular long distant racing events that are usually held locally within a city or town. All marathons require participants to run set distance which is about 26 miles. However, many marathons that are sponsored today require people to run or “walk” about 5 miles or less.

Most marathon events are used to raise money for a charity or to make people aware of a particular cause. If you are a person or organization that is planning a long distance running (or walking) activity; you can use the following 5 tips for hosting a marathon race to help you with this event.

Organize the Event well in Advance

Once again, most marathons are not sponsored just to see who is the best long distance runner out of a group of people. They are commonly given to support a charity or cause. Since they are, a person or organization will need to partner with the type of charity or community agency they want to support. Medical organizations such as hospitals and research centers typically have good causes (fighting cancer, hunger and domestic abuse) that can be supported.

Marathon event planners will need to find a location and set a date and time for the race. This should be done at least 6 months (preferably 1 year) in advance. Organizers should also have money to sponsor the event. The money will be primarily used to pay for renting public space and for using public facilities and resources.

Most marathon races are held publicly in the downtown areas of most cities. Not to mention that streets are usually blocked off and business and public transportation activities along the course of the route must be altered.

Marathon sponsors will also need funding to pay for police security, drinks and supplies for runners and for supplies and equipment related to the event. A marathon event could cost as much as $50,000 (in most cases more) to host.

Liability Coverage for the Eventually

When a event sponsor is hosting an marathon they must provide insurance coverage for the event. If they do not they will not be able to host a marathon. The bottom line is when hundreds of people or more come together for a sponsored event the host must make sure they can cover these individuals if they are injured during the event.

Event planners should talk with all city officials, business and property owners and law enforcement to find out what type of insurance coverage is needed for the activity.

Invest some Money in Creating Flyers & Signage to Advertise the Event

Advertising for a marathon is important to its success. If few people know about a marathon event they will not show up for the race or cause. Event sponsors should invest money in creating fliers and signage to advertise the event. If they have the budget they should run commercials on TV and the radio to get the word out more effectively. Marketing with business cards is also an effective strategy.

They should also run ads in their local newspaper and set up a website with links to other local business websites. Here are some business card tips to get you started.

Make sure Participants have a Good Time

Even though a marathon race might be for a good cause it still should be fun. Event planners can offer free prizes and have awards waiting on the top 3 winners of the competition. They can also have free drinks for the runners and have lots of good music playing in the background to keep the crowd in good spirits.

Hosts could hire local bands or public speakers to attend the event and interact with the crowd. The possibilities for keeping the runners and spectators interested are virtually limitless.

Clean up the Mess

One of the most important parts of hosting a huge marathon event for a lot of people is to clean up the mess when it is over. Marathon event sponsors must make sure to clean up after themselves otherwise they will be fined and charged by the city for performing this service. Most event sponsors use volunteers for this purpose. Hosting a marathon race is expensive, time consuming and involves a lot of planning.

However, if an organization is able to start organizing about a year in advance they will usually avoid a lot of problems and hassles associated with event.

5 Skin Care Tips for Health

A big part of saying healthy is taking care of your skin.

Taking care of the skin is an important job. Everyone wants healthy and youthful looking skin to improve their appearance.

There are some tips that a person can do to keep their skin looking healthy.

These five tips will improve the condition of the skin and make sure it stays young looking and smooth.

Get Protected From the Sun

Too much sun can cause age spots, wrinkles, and many other skin problems. Sun exposure also puts a person at an increased risk for developing skin cancer. When heading outdoors be sure to wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.

Apply the sunscreen every two hours or more often as needed. If a person is outside between 10 am and 2pm take cover in the shade. This is the time when the rays of the sun are at their strongest. Protective clothing should also be worn.

Light weight long sleeves and wide brimmed hats will help keep ultra violet rays off the body and protect the skin.

Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can increase the appearance of wrinkles. Smoking narrows blood vessels and takes much needed oxygen out of the skin. Smoking also damages the production of collagen which is needed for elasticity.

Be Gentle

Treat the skin gently. Hot water can remove essential oils from the skin. They to limit time in the bath or the shower and use warm water instead of hot. Strong soaps can remove oil for the skin.

Mild cleaners are a better choice. Be sure to lubricate the skin before shaving with a gel or cream. Use a razor that is clean and sharp. Shave in the direction in which the hair is growing to reduce irritation. Gently pat the skin down instead of roughly drying it after showering. This will allow more moisture to stay in the skin.

Use a moisturizer daily to help keep the skin hydrated and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Be Healthy

Eating a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein can help the body and the skin look its best. Vitamin C is needed to keep the skin younger looking. Try to avoid foods that are high in fats, refined carbs, or foods that are processed.

Studies have shown that they can have a negative effect on the skin.

There are natural vitiligo treatments that can also help to handle vitiligo.

Handle Stress

Stress is one of the worst things for the body. Stress can make the skin become more sensitive. It can also cause breakouts of acne and a number of other skin conditions. Take different steps to help manage stress.

Take some time out of the day to relax and complete an activity that is enjoyable. This will help make the mind and the skin better.

These are just some tips to help the skin look better. Following these tips and living a healthy lifestyle will help keep the body healthy.

A person will notice their skin has more moisture, is softer to the touch, and they have less skin problems such as acne or wrinkles.

Looking for more info on treating your skin? Check out healing vitiligo naturally for more reading.

5 Hobbies to Try Other Than Running

Running is my #1 hobby. As you can tell from this site, I’m an exercise nut.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have any other interests. I thought it would be fun to write up a post on other things that I enjoy, besides running and working out.

Playing Poker

Poker is a game of skill with a little bit of luck mixed in. A person has to learn how to read the cards as well as other players. They need to know when to hold their cards and when to back out of a hand. In order for a person to become a good poker player they need some skill and a lot of practice.

Playing poker is fun and a person can win a little bit of money as well. If you’re interested in reading up a little more about the game to improve your skills, I highly recommend this great book.


Many people find painting a relaxing activity where they can express their creative side. It does not matter if a person has artistic ability. Abstract painting will allow a person to interoperate the world as they see it.

Painting will allow a person the chance to express themselves and get in touch with their artistic side.


Many people find fishing a relaxing hobby. They get to spend time in the outdoors sitting by the lake trying to catch a fish. A person can also fish in the ocean for a bigger catch if they live nearby. Fish are tasty and can make a great dinner.

Even if a person does not want to eat the fish they will have a chance to sit out in nature and be peaceful. There are many different fishing techniques that a person can get into including fly fishing. This will allow a person the chance to explore some other interest and still get the joy of being outside.

Fixing Cars

This hobby is useful and takes some skill. A person can get an old model car and fix it up until it is almost like new again. A person can also use this hobby to make some extra money helping others fix or restore their cars.

If a person is into fixing cars they do not have to worry if something happens to their vehicle since they will have the skills and knowledge to fix it.

Playing an Instrument

There are some many different instruments to choose from that there is something for every liking. A person can learn how to play a wind instrument such as the clarinet or others including the drums or a guitar.

A person can practice at home and they can even practice with others to form a group. This hobby is fun and a person will get to show off their talent.

Hobbies help keep a person busy and help them stay active. It is important to take interest in something. Running is a fun hobby but there are many other things that a person can become interested in.

When a person has a hobby it will help them unwind from a rough day and allow them to do something that they enjoy.

5 Beauty Tips for Women

Women are naturally beautiful. There are some beauty routines they can follow to make them even more beautiful.

These five tips will help a woman look great all the time and they are easy to follow.

Moisturize Often

It does not matter what type of skin a woman has she should moisturize it often. Keeping the skin moisturized will help protect the skin from signs of premature aging. Moisture will be sealed into the skin and will help the cells stay healthy.

Look for products that contain alpha hydroxyl acids or vesicular emulsion. This will help the cells stay hydrated all day long.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the best anti aging products. The rays from the sun can damage the skin. Not only can this lead to skin cancer but it can make the skin look old and wrinkles. Sunscreen will keep these rays off of the skin.

Sun will destroy the production of collagen which is needed for plump and wrinkle free skin. If a woman gets too much sun she will notice that her skin is wrinkling well before its time. Sun exposure can also increase the appearance of freckles, age spots, and spider veins.

Sunscreen can help save the skin and allow it to stay healthy looking for year. Choose a product with a SPF of at least 15 or higher. Sunscreen can even be applied before makeup is put on.

Hair Removal

Body hair is not attractive. No one likes a woman with a mustache or hairy legs. There are a number of different ways in which to remove body hair. This is a great blog about the subject, by Tina Larson.

Waxing will keep the hair from growing back for a longer period of time. Shaving can irritate the skin.

If a woman is going to use a razor she should get a shaving cream that is moisturizing and shave in the same direction in which the hair grows for less irritation.

You can also get rid of unwanted hair by revitol cream.

Tools Make a Difference

A woman can have the best makeup that money can buy but this will do nothing to enhance her beauty if she does not have the right tools to apply it.

Makeup brushes should be gentle and soft on the skin and should be able to move around freely. If a woman dips the brush in her eye shadow and the color falls off before it touches the face then that is not a good brush to use.

Update Every Two Years

Hair and makeup should be given a fresh look every two years. Keeping a look new and fresh will help a woman look younger and modern.

Out of date makeup and hair styles can make her look older. Do not be afraid to ask for help from experts. They are in the department and beauty stores to help women look their best.

These are just some tips to help a woman look great and enhance her beauty. Following these beauty tips will keep the skin looking great and help a woman increase her self confidence.

She can then walk around knowing that she look good and is able to keep her youthful appearance.

5 Foods to Never Eat, and Why

People enjoy eating but this does not mean that what a person eats is good for their health. There are some foods that should be avoided at all costs.

These foods have no nutritional value and can have negative effects on a person’s health. These are the top five foods that should not be eaten.

Food Ingredients That Havoc Your Health – #3 Is Awkward

Artificial Sugars

A teaspoon of sugar once in a while is not that bad. There are many artificial sugars on the market and many of them taste sweeter than actual sugar. This can make the body crave sugary foods.

People may actually end up eating more foods that are bad for them because of this. People that do not use artificial sugars often have more energy and are able to be more active than those that consume fake sugars.


This substance is not a healthy alternative to butter. Margarine contains a lot of trans fat which has been shown to increase cholesterol levels.

While the amount of calories is almost the same as butter people eat more margarine because they do not think that it is bad for them.

Soy Protein Isolate

While most soy products are not bad isolate is. This product is often made from genetically modified soy based products and some studies have shown that it can put a person at an increased risk for developing cancer.

Nuts and seeds are better alternative when a person is trying to avoid meat. They contain a high amount of protein and nothing artificial.

Diet Foods

Products that have been labeled as diet foods are not too good for a person. Low fat does not mean the food is low in calories. Diet foods including yogurt contain sugars, salts, and fillers that are not healthy to make them taste better.

Many people often overeat diet foods because they think they are healthy. Many people are not satisfied with just one serving and may end up eating more through the course of the day.

Frozen Meals/ Frozen Dinners

While frozen foods and frozen dinners may be convenient and can be ready in less than five minutes they are not healthy. While the meals often look complete with a protein and sides including some kind of vegetables they are not food for the body.

These frozen meals contain heavily processed foods and meats. The food often contains fillers and are high in both fat and salt. Instead of cooking up this meal in no time make a decent dinner on a day off and freeze it.

This way a healthy meal can be heated up in a matter of minutes during the week.

These are just some of the foods that people think are healthy but are really bad for the body. When a person is looking to eat healthy they should fill up on fruits, vegetables ,and lean proteins.

A person can also eat other foods in moderation. These five foods should be avoided and are not as good for the body as people think they are.

If you’re interested in more on this subject, we recommend this great post: Isabel’s Reason For Which 5 Foods To Never Eat and Why?

5 Ways to Get Exercise When You are Living a Busy Life

When you are someone who is always running about, constantly on the go, it can be hard to get purposeful exercise in. If you are always busy, it can be hard to find the time to exercise.

Believe me, I know. I have a 3-month old baby and am always running around like a madwoman. A million things in my arms, stroller, one of the best diaper bags available, all his food, etc. It’s crazy. But I do try to find the time. It’s important. (By the way, I’m a huge fan of our diaper bag; visit this site for more info).

Your body needs regular exercise in order to stay in shape, and you need to make time for exercise, even when you are busy. There are ways that you can fit exercise into your life, and you can even make that exercise fun to do.

You care about your body, and you need the help that exercise offers in order to keep it in the best shape.

5 Ways to Get Exercise When Your are Just Too Busy:

1. Make exercise something that you do with your family. As a busy individual, you might feel that all of your free time needs to go to your family. That’s okay. You can spend time with your family while also getting exercise in. Take your children on a walk, or start a family game of basketball. Instead of sitting around with your family, make exercise something that you all do together.

2. Make the most of your lunch break. Yes, you need to eat during your lunch break, but you can also find time to exercise during that break. Take a walk for half of the time that you are given at lunch, then sit down to enjoy the lunch that you get to eat. Spend part of your lunch time walking or completing some other form of exercise in order to make the most of that time.

3. Exercise in your downtime. When you are busy it feels good to just sit down and watch TV, but you can get in a good show while also getting the exercise that you need. Set up your treadmill in front of the TV, or bring a pair of dumbbells into your living room. Work out while you are catching up on your favorite show so that you get time for TV watching and also time for exercise.

4. Walk to work or choose to walk when running errands. Yes, this will take a little more time than driving would, but that time will be well spent. If you are busy, you can add a few minutes onto your morning commute by walking to work. You can spend a little extra time in your day getting from place to place, so that you can get exercise in.

5. Choose to sleep just a little less. If you head to bed five minutes later than you would otherwise head to bed, you can get a mini workout in. If you get up fifteen minutes earlier in the morning, you will have time to exercise. You need sleep, but you can sacrifice just a bit of the sleep that you would usually get if you are otherwise too busy to exercise.

Exercise is important to your body, and you need to get some in every day. If you are too busy to exercise, take just a few minutes to get some movement in.

7 Tips to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

There’s nothing worse than going through summer feeling uncomfortable with the amount of stomach fat you have. Out of all the areas of the body, the stomach is the most vulnerable to fat gain. To make it worse, the heat of the summer months makes it difficult to hide under clothes.

The best way to lose weight is by following a regular plan of dedicated diet and exercise. Losing stomach fat will involve exercises that incorporate the whole body.

You cannot expect to lose weight around the stomach by doing just one type of exercise. With these tips to lose weight, you’re sure to notice the changes fast, moving quickly towards your perfect summer body.

Flat Stomach Exercise

1. Jogging

As old as the human race is, jogging is a popular form of exercise. This isn’t without reason. Although old-fashioned, jogging at a slow-medium pace for 15 minutes a day is a great way to lose weight. Who knows – you might even get a tan too.

2. Planking

In addition to the internet craze, planking or plank stand, is an effective weight loss exercise. Get in the push-up position, and then adjust your arms so you’re leaning on your forearms and elbows. Tense your stomach and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this step three or four times taking only short breaks in between. Feel that burn? That’s your muscles strengthening and your body burning fat!

3. Crunches

Although it’s difficult to spot-burn fat, crunches are an excellent way to build up your abdominal muscles. Perform 8 crunches 3 times daily in combination with running for optimum results.

4. Swimming

When looking for tips to lose weight, many forget about swimming. Swimming works the cardiovascular system in a unique way, so a simple 30 minutes swim session once or twice a week will burn your stomach fat in no time.

Diet Ideas to Burn Stomach Fat

1. High-protein salads

The key to a successful diet plan is high protein, low fat. By adding turkey breast or tuna to a bed of lettuce, diced tomatoes and onions, you’ll have a delicious salad that will help you lose fat!

2. Green tea

An essential in any diet plan, green tea is naturally high in linoleic acid, one of the most important catalysts to weight loss. Studies have shown that you can lose weight by simply adding green tea to your diet. It can also serve as an appetite suppressant, so you are not eating unnecessarily.

3. Chicken stir-fry

Spice up your menu with an oriental chicken stir-fry. High in protein and vitamins needed for weight loss, include a stir-fry to your meal-plan and reap the benefits.

Getting a flat stomach just like any weight loss goal, is about how dedicated you are to achieving that goal. There is no need to spend money on a personal trainer, or to join the gym if you are disciplined enough to follow a plan for a period of time.

Also, remember that losing weight around your stomach will require a diet and lifestyle change, and you will have to stick to these changes to keep fat off.

Tips for Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However most adults try to cheat and instead of a healthy breakfast they get a cup of coffee. If they as adults skip over breakfast so easily, what chances do you think they would have to teach children to respect the principles of a healthy meal?

If you want to lose weight, skipping breakfast is not the way to go. A healthy breakfast, gives you energy and helps you stay full for longer. This way you are not feeling picky by mid day, and wanting to feed on sugary or salty foods that will be detrimental to your weight loss goal.

Finding out what foods qualify for a healthy breakfast, and what foods don’t is a good place start. Sausages, salami, baloney, are not always the best options. These are foods that have additives and preservatives in higher concentration than meat, so don’t get a habit of putting them on the table each morning.

For a quick and healthy breakfast the best foods are eggs, whole bread, cereals (not the sugar filed ones), milk and dairy (yogurt, cheese) and fruits.

10 Delicious Combinations for a Healthy Breakfast

*A boiled egg with 2 slices of toast and a glass of fresh squeezed juice (orange, grapefruit, apples and carrots)
*A tomato with some grilled mushrooms, 2 slices of cheese, 2 slices of toast and a fruit.
*A yogurt with a slice of toast and a banana.
*A bowl of cereal with milk, you can add if desired dried fruit.
*Whole grains can also be served with milk and a baked apple with cinnamon.
*A sandwich prepared with 2 slices of toast, a slice of cheese, a slice of ham (chicken or turkey) 2 leafs of salad, a few slices of tomatoes and a glass of fresh juice.
*A special omelet made with 2 eggs, some cheese, ham, onions, a tomato, mushrooms, everything well mixed and fried with a spoon of olive- oil. This will be served with 2 slices of bread. It goes wonderful with a glass of juice or a fruit.
*A milkshake made from a banana, a glass of milk some vanilla sugar or honey, cinnamon (optional you can add some strawberries) and a bowl of cereal.
*A piece of toast with butter and honey with a cup of milk and a banana.
*2 slices of bread with some butter 2 slices of cheese and a cup of tea with some honey.

To prepare a healthy breakfast for you and your family doesn’t take much time, and you will feel the benefits all day. You will be full of energy and function better. Some people are consciously skipping breakfast because they what to lose weight. What they don’t know is that by eating healthy in the morning, your body’s metabolism develops and you will burn more calories and fat during the day.

Many researchers think that a healthy breakfast to start your day helps you control your weight and increases brain and work capacity, while at the same time decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. So find your healthy breakfast weight loss program and enjoy all the nutrients that it will have to offer.

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